• Nothing like a well decorated present!

    Comments By Malt Creative on December 21, 2012

    Hopefully by now you're coming to the end of your christmas shopping... Our new catalogue stylist and well known creative genius Megan Morton has some great tips on present wrapping and presentation! See her blog on Temple & Webster here ...

  • Another Christmas post!

    Comments By Malt Creative on December 17, 2012

    Hi everyone,

    I know we just posted some christmas decorating inspiration, but I found this great little article on Decor8 that I wanted to share with you. Holly Becker gives us some pearls of crafty wisdom for creating some pretty and modern christmas decorations and paper ideas. See it here

  • Scandinavian Christmas

    Comments By Malt Creative on December 14, 2012

    Only 2 weeks until the joyous day that is Christmas! By now I imagine you're all well into festive celebrations and have started to decorate your home. This is my favourite time of year and am always keen to get the decorations up!

    Scandinavian design fits so well into the theme of Christmas, although we celebrate colour in the warm - a lot of white, with hints of reds, blues, greys create a beautiful Christmas setting that all your friends will envy.

    Use the below image for inspirations, happy decorating...

  • Country getaway

    Comments By Malt Creative on December 08, 2012

    It's nearing the end of the year, bringing feelings of excitement for the holidays and some long awaited time off to relax. Perhaps you're planning a beach holiday, a trip overseas or a country getaway.

    Are you dreaming of Summer afternoons sipping a cool drink on the porch surrounded by peace and quiet, with nothing around but the rolling country hills?.. Well we can't get you there, but we can help you create a relaxing country haven of your own right here in your home. With the help of a few home accessories and items from the Rapee Summer in Provence range you can get the look in no time.

    Images from style-files.com & pinterest sources.

  • Carte Blanche colour

    Comments By Malt Creative on November 02, 2012

    You've heard so much about colouring your home and decorating with brights, why not give yourself a colourful makeover! See images below, inspired by the hues in our Carte Blanche range.

    Adding colour can refresh your everyday look or create a wow factor for an evening out. Team with bright clothing to make a statement or keep it toned down by using bright nail polish with a neutral dress. It's up to you to be as bold or as subtle as you want but give it a go... you may be suprised at how many compliments you get!

  • Tropical home

    Comments By Malt Creative on October 22, 2012

    The Carte Blanche cover shot from our Summer 2013 catalogue stirs feelings of a peaceful tropical hideaway. The collaboration of bright cushions evokes a summer vibe yet the colours are instantly calming, bringing a fantastic balance to the range.

    This Summer turn your home into a relaxing resort hideaway using turquoise, greens, whites and a hint of yellow. Have a look at our Carte Blanche range here to gather some inspiration!

  • Red hot

    Comments By Malt Creative on October 09, 2012

    Our new Carte Blanche range gets us excited for the coming Summer days. Using bright, bold primary & secondary colours it is the perfect way to perk up your home for this Summer. 

    Geometric prints, interesting textures and plains all work back together to create a colourful collection. Nothing is off limits! Clashing prints & colours is a recurring trend in many of the magazines at the moment.

    A great colour to match back with plains and whites is a bright red. It gives a nice pop of colour for that extra something in a neutral home. Adding a few items of colour to your interior also allows you to redecorate more easily (and cheaply!) whilst keeping up with trends. You will be able to just replace your items of colour rather than having to repaint a whole wall or remove a benchtop. Try it with any home decor product, stools, lamps, kettles, vases..you name it.

    We have provided some Pinterest sourced images below to inspire you!

  • DIY decorators needed!

    Comments By Malt Creative on October 08, 2012

    Fancy yourself as a DIY decorator? Then this competition is for you...

    Rapee is running another competition during October, this time we would love to see your decorating skills in action using some of our Rapee product.

    What we'd like you to do

    Decorate a room or area of your home using some Rapee product, take a photo, and share with us via facebook. Share with your friends and family to build up your votes. The more votes you get, the more chances of winning!


    How to submit

    The competition is being run on our facebook page and you can submit your entries through our 'competition' app.


    What do you win?

    The major prize is a $1000 prize pack full of Rapee product. There are also 3 runner up prizes worth $200 to be won!


    Good luck, we look forward to viewing your entries!

  • A touch of metallic-2

    Comments By Malt Creative on October 02, 2012

    A story in our newest range, Coco, uses abstract motifs, geometric patterns and metallics to create the perfect look for an urban interior.

    Within the range there are a number of metallic printed cushions. These are great to use as a statement item for the lounge or bedroom and go back best with darker shades such as black and grey.

    Whether it's cushions, chairs, candles, a hint of metallic is not unusual in many contemporary styled homes and can add an edge to your interior.

  • Take a trip to the spice market

    Comments By Malt Creative on September 12, 2012

    With such a vast array of flavours and spices, ethnic food is one of the most interesting cuisines to taste.

    Moroccan, Persian and Turkish all fall into this category and although it's not eaten often by most Australian's, it is definitely something different to try at home or to impress at a dinner party!

    Here's a simple minted yoghurt recipe taken from 'Food Safari' for you to use. A great side for pita bread, couscous or on top of any moroccan dish as a refreshing addition:

    You will need:

    1 cup natural yoghurt
    ¼ teaspoon sugar
    3 teaspoons chopped fresh mint leaves

    Blend ingredients in a blender and serve, great with mechoui (marinated lamb backstrap)